STRING THEORY products are designed by two textile designers – one specializing in knitting and the other in weaving.

Lysanne Latulippe lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Her knit design is motivated by a profound understanding of material and technique, a fascination with pattern in nature and an interest in working to innovate traditional knit design. Her sophisticated textiles evoke a search for balance between technique and artistic expression. Lysanne has taught at The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles since 2005 where in 2000, she earned a diploma in Textile Construction. Her expertise in the field of knit design is also employed in consulting for and collaborating with businesses and independent designers.

Meghan Price is an artist and textile designer born in Montreal and based in Toronto, Canada. Her career encompasses an active art practice, commissioned and collaborative design projects and teaching at the university level. Meghan holds a degree in Textile Construction from the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles and a Master of Fine Arts with a specialization in Fibre from Concordia University. She has exhibited her work internationally and has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants.




Published on June 24th, 2012

by Stylnk




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