Vim Beget is a result of our past experiences and future ambitions. It is with great pleasure that we share them with you.

Only in retrospect can we fully appreciate and understand the moment that is currently upon us. Every second and footstep from here and forward dictates the future. Every past experience has its voice. Whether faint, amplified, full of wisdom or completely misguided. This is about life, the made up memories and the unknown future. Make of it what you can but in the end it simply makes you.

The Process

The means by which you create is of equal importance as the final result. We believe in

the process. Any step in the process that can be done with our hands, should and will be.

Each ring is separately hand-woven into a strand of chain. Leather is hand-braided, dyed and sewn.

Rings and cuffs hand filed and formed. Resulting in a quality piece unique to itself.


Designer. VIM BEGET

Published on July 1st, 2012

by Stylnk




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